Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I shall be in Paris until June 24th. While I am there, I would like you to read three selections from my writings. When I return, I will begin a lengthy discussion of these and other writings by various authors, applying all the technical materials we have been studying on this blog.

I would like you to read this essay about Jon Elster

Then, I would like you to read this selection from my book on Rawls

Finally, I would like you to read this essay about Robert Nozick's ANARCHY, STATE, AND UTOPIA.

All three authors make extended use of the Formal Methods we havwe been studying.

I hope I see you back here when I return.


  1. Considering the content of your Rawls critique, I thought it might interest some readers to know that a version of Rawls' "Justice as Fairness"(1958 phil review) is available online here:

    Looking forward to the blog starting up again. I never thought I'd be this interested in anything that involved so much math.

  2. Thank you Michael. I am glad to hear that at least one person will be returning next week!