Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, I am home again, after a totally successful Paris trip, to give my sister a smashing eightieth birthday. Twenty-two people gathered for a champagne reception followed by a dinner cruise on the Seine. I got to spend time with my sons, my grandchildren, my daughter in law, my sister, my nephew and niece and grandnephews and grandnieces, and my Parisian cousins.

Now, it is back to work. If you have not read the three essays I set as homework during the break, see below the links, posted on June 2nd. On Monday, I will resume three times a week installments of this tutorial. I will start with a discussion of The Prisoners' Dilemma, then move on to The Free Rider Problem, as discussed in the essay about Jon Elster. After that will come an extended discussion of Rawls, then a brief discussion of Robert Nozick, then some examination of the use of Game Theory in legal theory, and after that perhaps a discussion of the use of Game Theory and Rational choice Theory in nuclear deterrence and military strategy discussions.

If anyone is still with me after all of that, we shall see what else remains to be said.

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